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Powerlock 2 Set - no maingear -  Ready to Race - fully assembled

High or Low Grip Setup: Spacer/Parts are incl. for HighGrip & LowGrip Option

Recommendation: Order with LowGrip Option (all parts included in both sets to change the config to HighGrip or LowGrip Option)


Information about our product Powerlock 2 – SCS M2 Engineering:

To give you further information about PL2, we hereby summarize the most relevant aspects and advantages.
After the development and commercial launch of PL1 in 2009 we continuously optimized our PL1, additionally we collect important information. It was nice to see that almost all manufacturers/brands followed the concept of our differential. Some manufacturers still made some mistakes, which we eliminate already in 2009 with our motorsport knowledge and development tests.
For us as SCS M2 Engineering, it is our utmost concern to bring functional technology onto the market.
Therefore the next step was clear, to optimize the PL1. Over the years we developed some ideas and decided finally to make it happen – POWERLOCK 2.

Which idea is behind our PL2?
The PL2 outperform the PL1 in more than 1 aspect. Our targets have been defined to reduce weight and inertia, improve smooth running and separate the conditions while running (acceleration, rolling phase, braking). But primarily it has been designed to be adjustable from outside.
What is the advantage of PL2?
The new differential offers a simple and easy adjustment from outside, to change the locking effect, which gives a big performance advantage for Pros and Hobby divers
A lot of hobby drivers don´t understand the technique behind and decide to change nothing on the diff settings before they make a mistake, or they just feel not save enough to open the differential and change the internals. The Pros are afraid to change the diff configuration before their next run to not sacrifice or spoil their run.
All these things belongs now to the past, within 10sec it is possible to change the locking effect on the differential. It is therefore an excellent chance to modify the setting during preparation time or e.g. even during tire change when it starts to rain.
The response during our testing phase was just amazing, full of enthusiasm and with different options in our pockets, all testdrivers could set their differential depending on their needs based on their car brand, track grip level and their driving skills.
This fast and easy adjustable technology is unique and therefore applied for a patent.

Buildup & Delivery Status
The PL2 will be delivery ready to race (fully assembled), we will provide a LowGrip and a HighGrip option. The difference is a spacer on one side which disengage one side (same principle like in PL1). We have successfully completed different tests, to find the correct combination, which should suit to all different types of drivers and car manufacturers.
Our additional intention was to keep the options in terms of differential setup as simple as possible, to avoid any confusion at our costumers.
SCS M2 will carry on with their differential service for costumers who don't feel comfortable to make it by themselves, a service fee of 30€ will be invoiced.

Technical Features 
The PL2 will only be delivered with one type of ramps, the locking effect adjustment will be created by activation or deactiviation of friction pairs. A friction pair is defined as a relative movement of an inner and outer fixated shim which create a friction torque. On each side of the shim units there are some washers to reduce the unwanted friction. Generally you have to understand that in #1 there is still a base locking effect. 
The PL2 contains maximum 6 friction pairs @ HighGrip Option and 3 friction pairs @ LowGrip Option

High Grip 
→ Pos#1 – 0 pair, Pos#2 – 3 pairs, Pos#3 – 6 pairs
Low Grip 
→ Pos#1 – 0 pair, Pos#2 – 2 pairs, Pos#3 – 3 pairs

PL2 contains gears with a smaller module compare to PL1, additionally designed with 3 bevel gears for a precise and stable interaction, combined with less resistance.
The Preload mechanism is still part of the design to compensate the tolerance of all components.
The adjusted preload has a minor importance now, due to the new ramp design. Hereby we can garantee that no locking effect will occur while braking or cornering which might be generated by a given rampangle. This system will provide the drivers more steering and potential of higher cornerspeed. Already our first tests in 2008 have proven a detrimental influence of locking effect under braking, which pushed the car into a higher understeer index. With this new design we further improved the PL1 system.
Improvement in service & handling is given by a oil drain screw. Possible to clean the diff through all openings and refill the PL2 with fresh oil until the oil comes out of the oil drain opening (which gives you an indication of correct amount of oil – approx 15ml).

Reduction of inertia was achieved by reduction of the diameter, the total weight is equal to the PL1 caused by the additional parts for adjustment. The small diameter was rated positive and feelable from our top testdrivers.
We hope that you now understand the concept and idea behind our POWERLOCK 2.