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Tuning Legend E:

  •          The crankcase has been machined and polished to improve fuel mixing.
  •          The flywheel has been lightened and balanced to reduce flywheel mass and vibrations. (This is only done if the original Zenoah flywheel is installed)
  •          The cylinder has been machined and hand finished by Mr. Abbate to improve fluid dynamics and fuel transfer channel. The cylinder has also been lowered to improve compression.
  •          The Piston has been machined and tuned to perfectly fit the lowered cylinder and maximize power.
  •          The engines are supplied with special carburetor insulator to improve cooling and special bakelite Abbate Racing seal to reduce heat transfer from the engine into the carburetor.
  •          All Abbate Racing engines have the well known blue flywheel cover and a unique Abbate Racing signature.

Beyond the Legend E tuning:

  •          The crankshaft shoulder has been machined.
  •          Connecting rod has been polished.
  •          The whole crankshaft has been balanced to eliminate vibrations.
  •          The connecting rod bearing has been replaced with a silver bearing to sustain higher temperature.

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